HyperVWebViewer: web viewer of VMs on Hyper-V in golang

I wrote a web application “HyperVWebViewer” in golang.
It’s first time for me to make a web application.

What is the HyperVWebViewer

HyperVWebViewer is a web web application viewer of the virtual machines on the Hyper-V and written in golang.
It’s for users, not system managers, and looks like “Hyper-V Manager”.
HyperV Web Viewer IMAGE


HyperVWebViewer displays VMs’ information, such as the name, CPU usage and memory, on the Hyper-V.
HyperVWebViewer can start a VM but it couldn’t shutdown and stop a VM on the Hyper-V.
Start VM GIF


Type following command and go to the web page http://localhost:8080/.

If you wanted to change the port number, you would edit the following code.

How to add to windows service?

If you typed the following command, “HyperVWebViewer” would be shown up on the windows service list.

If you wanted to change the service name from “HyperVWebViewer”, just change the parameter value after create.


I create the repository “HyperVWebViewer” on github.
This is my first web application.
Give me some advice.