I mentioned about HyperVWebViewer at the last post. This post says the reason why I made HyperVWebViewer.

Why did I make HyperVWebViewer?

We already have a tool “Hyper-V Manager” to monitor virtual machines (VMs) on the Hyper-V. It can change the CPU and the memory of VMs and also any Hyper-V setting. Even it can delete a vm completely by only a few clicks. Hyper-V Manager is a useful tool for system managers absolutely.
But for users too?
Is it necessary that users change Hyper-V setting?
The system manger don’t want users to change Hyper-V setting and VMs’ setting usually because of administrative reason.

I want the tool for users like Hyper-V Manager and it can check the VMs’ status only. I couldn’t find that kind of tool… so…
I made HyperVWebViewer.
I’ve thought a GUI application like a web application is better than CUI for users because GUI is easier and familiar to use.

Hyper-V Server is only for running Hyper-V and controlling VMs. The server doesn’t have to waste the machine power for other stuffs. So I decided to write a web application in Golang because Golnag is easy for making a lightweight and fast web application. Also Golang is easy to run a web application because golang needs the compiled exe file only for it. It brings us some benefits: easy to install and low maintenance cost.

easy to install

Some web framework need installing Node.js and other stuffs usually but Golang only need the complied exe file. We just replace the exe file, html files, JavaScript file and css file to install or deploy a web application. We doesn’t needs to install any softwares.

low maintenance cost

If we install the useful softwares like Node.js on servers, we have to update these softwares permanently. That means we have to check the update of the softwares always. We need that kind of a job for a product and a public web service, but it is a tough work for an application that’s only used inside the company or the group. If you played truant from that work, it could become security risks.


HyperVWebViewer has a few features.
– Display VMs information, such as name, CPU, memory.
– Start a VM.
I thought that I could add features if users wanted that.

At last

If you used the Hyper-V on a windows server, HyperVWebViewer is a useful tool for users and managers, I believe.

By the way, if you know some useful tools for Hyper-V, please let me know.
Thank you.